Let’s start with “we want the same thing”

Welcome to the first A Common Sense Conservative blog post. I am aware that Conservatives often do themselves no favors when they talk about things in ways that seem exclusionary and mean spirited. My posts will take these positions, and hopefully, reframe them so that they sound as they should – generous, fair, and based in intellectual foundation. In other words, I am going to be making the case that no matter what you have heard, Conservatives are not mean – or at least no meaner than anyone else.

But first we must acknowledge that all Conservatives are not alike. Just like all Liberals are not alike. There are those we care about and those who care only about themselves.

Lobbyists are a very public group of conservatives with whom we are not concerned. They believe their lives or those of the people they represent would be better with the passing of a certain agenda. Believe it or not, politicians are another public group for which we care little because they tend to believe that their lives would be better off if they were re-elected. Lobbyists and politicians are often hired guns. Lobbyists work for the betterment of the small interests that support them. Politicians work for the betterment of themselves.

This blog is about ideas and the group of people that it cares about is idealogs. I consider myself a Idealogs and if you are reading this, you may be one also. An Idealog is someone who is interested in ideas and the ways those ideas can change society for the better. Certainly there are lobbyists and politicians who are also idealogs and hopefully their ideas line up with the agendas for which they are fighting.

Idealogs on both side of the political spectrum ultimately have their goals in common. They both want the strongest economy, the most jobs and the greatest wealth for everyone. They both want a better, free-er, more open society where everyone is better off. Where they differ is how to get there.

Idealogs on the left believe the way this can be achieved by Robin Hooding the economy. If we take from the rich and give to the poor then the people who had nothing will have something. Meanwhile the people who are rich won’t feel it because they had too much anyway. No one is really hurt. Society is better.

Idealogs on the right believe that the way you create more jobs is by helping businesses to create them. I.E. reducing their taxes and eliminating unnecessary regulations and obstacles to trade. More jobs means more working people, means more disposable income, which ultimately means greater tax revenue. Society is better!

So I ask you to follow me and keep an open mind. If you really believe that all conservatives are greedy or that all liberals are stupid or lazy, then your mind is too broken and your soul is too dark for understanding. But if you can start with the simple premise that idealogs on both side want a better world for everyone, then what I am going to say should make sense.

And I hope this can be a dialog as it so often has been on Facebook. If you think I’ve cut a corner or missed a fact, then I hope you will let me know. So thanks and let’s get started!

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