I am an entrepreneur, technologist, and generalist. I went to the University of Chicago where I majored in Economics. As a result, I am a strict adherent to the Chicago School of Economics, but I was equally shaped by my philosophy, history, and biology classes. I was raised in a Christian home in Rockford Illinois but let go of my religious beliefs in college. I think it is unlikely that there is life on other planets, but I choose to believe there is because, well, it’s just more fun that way.


The most important political issue to me is a reduction of government intervention. I am conscious of the unexpected consequences of well-meaning legislation. I have watched Dodd-Frank try to make banking more fair and instead make it impossible for many Americans to qualify for mortgages. I have seen the ACA (Obamacare) try to force all Americans to get health insurance and instead incent insurance companies to reduce coverage and increase premiums. Along with smaller government, goes a decrease in spending, public union bargaining as political quid-pro-quo, and the reduction of taxes. I also support a simplification of the tax code which does away with shelters and loopholes. From a social perspective, I tend to share the views of most of my liberally educated friends. I am a supporter of same-sex rights, amnesty and acceptance for qualified immigrants, and the legalization of drugs.

I live in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood with my two daughters who I adore taking care of. I am a Cubs fan, and I can be found most weekends in my kitchen or at the grill with any number of friends and neighbors nearby.

Curt Conklin

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