Local Senior bests Author

A little more micro fiction because its Friday.

2012-04-12 10.23.23
The East Bank Club outdoor pool

Earlier this year, I was at the gym which has a pool on the roof surrounded by the city. Following my laps I decided to enjoy the view from the hot tub. In it were two bubbes – Jewish grandmothers – passing time before their water-aerobics class. I waded between them, said “hello,” and sat down. They both looked my way pleasantly, but I could tell my entrance had forced a lull in their conversation. Not having anything in particular to say, I asked “So, do you ladies mind is I take off my swimsuit?” One stared in disbelief. The other, smiled wryly, cocked her head and replied in a gravely voice, “I would prefer that.”  Then she added, “But I don’t know if you really want to. You did just get out of the pool.”

Touché Jewish Grandmother!

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